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sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2008

Prémio Europeu Jovem Jornalista : : European Young Journalist Award

15th March 2008 is the deadline for the second pan-European "European Young Journalist Award", that is jointly run by the European Youth Press and European Commission, DG Enlargement. The award is supported by several very experienced journalists, as in Belgium the jury will be supported by experienced journalists such as Dana Spinant (Chief-editor European Voice) or Christophe Lamfalussy from "La Libre".

If you need any more information, feel free contacting us and visit the award-site http://www.eujournalist-award.eu/.


Björn Richter board member european youth press network of young>media makers mobile (+49) 172 - 311 92 61 http://www.youthpress.org/ >http://www.orangelog.eu

"Welcome to the European Young Journalist Award. This competition is open to young print and online journalists who are citizens or residents of the 27 Member States of the EU, of candidate and potential candidate countries.
Are you an active editor of school or student’s media, freelancer, trainee or intern of print or online media? Your objective is to become a professional journalist? Participate in the competition and send us your vision on EU Enlargement and exchange with your colleagues! Open your mind. Share your vision. Deadline is March 15th!
Enlarge your vision

The European Union is enlarging its borders towards the east. Starting with the six founding members, the EU grew to include 27 Member States and there are more candidate and potential candidate countries waiting in line. The enlargement of the European Union is changing our vision of Europe.
Young journalists who are citizens or residents of the 27 Member States of the EU or the candidate and potential candidate countries, are now invited to participate in the pan- European Young Journalist Award.
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Get Involved

Are you between 17 and 35 years old? Are you an active editor of a school or students’ media? A freelancer, trainee or intern of print or online media?Have you recently published or are you about to publish an article dealing with current issues on EU enlargement? Register via the competition website and send us your article with the completed online entry form. Deadline is March 15th 2008!
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Your Jury


Each participating country will have its own national jury, comprised of two to three journalists and a representative of the European Commission. The national jury nominates the national winner for their country. This individual will be invited on a trip to the Balkans in June 2008.
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Be the national winner of your country! Win a trip through the Balkans in June 2008 and have your article published on the competition website. Take part in a final conference and exchange your vision of Europe with the other national winners. This is your chance to enlarge your perspective to the East of Europe.
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